Citroen relay 2.2 hdi

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Citroen relay 2.2 hdi

Post by Matt3010 »

Hello can any one help me I’m looking for a dipstick tube for a 2015 relay 2.2hdi but it appears they are not overly common does any one know if any other French cars use the same engine so I can search breakers for another car?
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Re: Citroen relay 2.2 hdi

Post by jgra1 »

hi Matt, obvs the Boxer, not sure Ducato.. there must be a load of things using that engine though? I haven't checked, but I wouldn't be surprised if other manufacturers use it as well.

I have a tube from a 2.0 2010 engine, not sure if that's the same..

edit.. a sort of half arsed check on Wikipedia, any use>?

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Re: Citroen relay 2.2 hdi

Post by citroenguy »

This Relay/Jumper has a 2.2 Ford Puma engine, The DW12 and DW10 came in model year 2017 with Euro6 emissions.
Same engine is in the Ford transit and LR Defender.
Seems to be part no 1171 L4 can double check with VIN.

I think its easiest to buy from a local Citroen or peugeot dealer.

Googling came ut with this: ... -2-p68303/
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Re: Citroen relay 2.2 hdi

Post by Dormouse »

Mk111 Ducato is made in the same factory as Boxer/Relay and the 2.2 Puma engine is available in other marques - therefore many similarities in the van specifications but equally, in other marques, there are different specs too.