3008 Semi Auto Gearbox Rattle

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3008 Semi Auto Gearbox Rattle

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I originally posted this in the Citroen forum by mistake so am repeating it here in the hope of catching attention of Peugeot owners.

My Peugeot 3008 (2012) 1.6 e-HDi is semi-automatic and has an annoying deep and hollow sounding rattle when the engine labours in a low gear, typically turning on an up hill ‘T’ junction, in second gear where the engine is under a higher load than usual.
The rattle was first noticed about 3 years or so after purchasing the vehicle in 2012 and appears to come from the clutch housing and seems to be produced as a result of the low engine pulsing frequency.
However, the clutch (with dual mass flywheel) operates perfectly well and there are no signs of this rattling at higher engine speeds.
I think the fuel injector theory I see in this thread can be ruled out as I have just replaced all the injectors, for another reason; and they have all been coded with the ecu.

I would be most grateful if anyone has had similar experience and/or is knowledgeable in this matter and can throw some light on the cause of this problem.
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