Xsara Picasso1.6hdi Gearbox

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Xsara Picasso1.6hdi Gearbox

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Hello all, and a happy New year.!
Over the past couple of weeks, my gearbox has started to crunch when changing into/from 3rd gear.
My trusty mechanic reckons its easier just to install a 2nd hand box and reckons about 10hrs labour charge.
I have seen some gearboxes for sale around the £100 Mark.
Has anybody else changed theirs 'on the drive', is it doable?
Firstly how do I find the correct gearbox part no,? and 2ndly, any tips or helps would be massive appreciated.
If I do attempt thus job, I will also change the clutch which atm is fine, but might as well at the same time if you understand what I mean

Do you reckon that this task is possible/doable??

The car is a 2007 1.6hdi.

I thank you all in advance.