1.6hdi gear box.

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1.6hdi gear box.

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Hi All, and a happy new year,!
My xsara picasso has recently developed a 'crunch' whist changing into/from 3td gear.
My trusted mechanic informs me that it's the gearbox has issues, and the best option is to replace this and informed me that it would be about 10 hours in labour charges..

My car is a 2007 1.6hdi in as 56 plate.

I notice that you can pick the gearboxes up for around £100, and was considering changing myself when the weather gets better/warmer I.E springtime.
My question to the forum, is firstly is this a doable operation on the driveway, and secondly, what is the model number of the gearbox I have, or where can I find it..

If I do this, I'll also change the clutch, although it's OK atm, I believe it to be false economy not to change it at the dame time.
Any input, tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.. and I thank you all in advance

John Brassington