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Thanks all

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Happy New Year to you all when it arrives. Many thanks for the help, suggestions and part numbers I've needed in my short C5 experience this month that has in part been a steep learning curve.

I've had a second attempt quickly this morning at that front suspension accumulator and after a lot of thinking time yesterday I found I actually could fit the big chain wrench on the sphere and with a long 3/4 drive extension out the top of the engine room and a huge breaker bar I managed to get a good grip of it. After 40 minutes of struggling there was a sudden crack and I thought success! Not a bit of it! the bracket that mounts the regulator itself has snapped in the middle! I cannot believe this car. I have secured it temporarily to maintain driving it (and that took an hour) but I will have to lower the front subframe after all it seems. So in due course in the new year I'll require the Citroen procedure.. At least I have a full complete spare front regulator with mounting bracket in advance.... who knew I'd actually need it all..

As for how I'm going to slacken and remove the pipes from the thing with it unable to be held firmly is another question.. At least the sphere isn't actually flat! in fact the ride is brilliant. I just assume it will be even better with the sphere renewed...

Anyway, all the best for the New Year!