DS5H maximum tire size

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DS5H maximum tire size

Post by RPekka »

My DS5H -13 came with seriously undersized (Chinese) studded tires, 215/45R17. Speedo error is big, it needs to say 90 for the car to go 80.

I'm planning to buy a set of Michelin CrossClimate 2's as the summer tires are also done and I absolutely hate seasonal wheel changes.

Will 235/55R17 fit or should I buy a set on the original 18" wheels ie 245/45R18?
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Re: DS5H maximum tire size

Post by RichardW »

235/55 has a wall height of 129.25mm, giving a diameter of 690.3mm.
245/45 has a wall height of 110.25mm, giving a diameter of 677.7mm

Less than 2% difference, so should be OK. You'd need to check the width of the 17" rims fitted to make sure they will take the 235 tyre.
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Re: DS5H maximum tire size

Post by ar80 »

The dimensions can be seen here