C4 Piloted Manual gearbox sensor swaps

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C4 Piloted Manual gearbox sensor swaps

Post by mwj666 »

Greetings all,

Does anyone have access to the service procedures for replacing the 2 gear selection and actuation position sensors on the front of the Piloted Manual 6 speed gearbox please? Part number is I think 2490.08 for both

The top (selection) sensor has just failed on my GF's C4 GP and I was going to get the dealer to replace the lower one as well as a precaution - but it seems they want to rip me off to the tune of an apparently ludicrous £350+ for what on the face of it is undoing 2 screws and a connector just to swap the top sensor so am SERIOUSLY inclined to swap the bottom one myself.

The only bugbear is - knowing Citroen I'm not betting there isn't an obscure initialisation or alignment process you can't do yourself even if you DO have a copy of Lexia and I don't want to find out AFTER I've taken the old sensor off :-D

Last time I buy a car with a 'proprietary' gearbox for which there is just about zero information (or parts availability) online :roll: