Windscreen wipers work only sometimes

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Windscreen wipers work only sometimes

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Hi everybody. I bought a Citroen Xsara 2 1,6 16v 2002 with light and rain SENSOR. When i bought it 4 years ago, it had problems with lights so i changed the COM2000. After that lights works right. My problem is the wipers never worked fine. I can't tell if it was like this since i bought it, if it was before i changed the COM2000, i think so, but not sure cause i changed the COM just few months after i bought the car and maybe i didn't realized about the wipers.But i haven't been able to fix the problem with wipers already 3 years....i would try to describe the problem:
Most times i turn on the wipers, donesn't matter with position in the stalk, after 7 seconds the FRONT wipers stop in any place, sometimes in the middle in the middle of the windscreen. It does the same in any postion ,slow or fast, often stops after 7 seconds. When they stop. if you move the stalk to other position, they work again aproximately 7 seconds. If you move the stalk for example after 6 seconds, the wipers works again 7 seconds, so you avoid them to stop . But it is dangerous to drive under rain paying so much attention to move the stalk all the time so they don't stop. It works always the same, even in the stalk position where they should just work one time and came back to the rest position, the work seven seconds and stop anywhere. If i put the stalk in the AUTO position , the same, even if it is not raining, they work 7 seconds.
I took car to repair it one year ago, they changed me whole arm, including wiper and motor , even if i said, i didn't think that would solve the prolem, they did it , and as i expected nothing change. Something i learned searcheing info is that the Xsara has a relay in the motor itself.
More info: fron time to time, wipers work perfect for a of the last days it works perfect for 44 minutes!!! and when they work they do it as they should in any of the stalk positions. For example the AUTO position works if it is raining but don't if it is not raining, the fast position works until you turn it of and stops in the right place ..... often when i take the car in the morning after been pak all night, they work fine and after a while working they stop and then, when they have stopped once , they don't work fine until next day, i guess after the car is park for hours...
I have check fuse f17 and it is fine, the one for wipers. Rear wiper works fine. The behaviour is the same if i use lights in auto or not .... I tried some time ago the BSI methods and nothing changed....
I think maybe there is something worng in the BSI, BSM or in any of the wires..... i think maybe nothing is broken, maybe any bad conexion, cause it is the only reason i can think why some times it works perfect for 30 or 40 minutes and some times not even a minute.....
Any ideas? thanks