Are phasers / dephasers rebuildable?

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Are phasers / dephasers rebuildable?

Post by ekaftan »

I just finished replacing the timing belt on my 2007 V6 (ES9J4A engine) chasing a P1335 for camshaft position unknown... only to get the same code one minute after clearing it.

I am 100% positive the timing belt is correctly positioned asthe tensioner will not get to the correct place if you one tooth off in one of the intakes, and the pins go in and out smoothly after several rotations... It only took me 4 tries to get the belt correctly positioned :)

Anyway... searching the net I find one phaser in poland for 270UKP and strangely they can be bought for less than US$50 from alibaba... I assume they are cheap copies but for that price... maybe I will gamble.

What I was thinking was to buy a set of cheap ones and then try to rebuild the original ones. Is that possible? I have access to very good and cheap machinists where I live, so if the failure mode is something I can fix with a machined part, I should be able to do it.

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Re: Are phasers / dephasers rebuildable?

Post by GiveMeABreak »

There's only one person I'd call on to fix my Phaser - and that would be Scotty :-D

I thinl you'd be taking a chance on anything like this from alibaba - but so be prepared to lose $50.
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Re: Are phasers / dephasers rebuildable?

Post by myglaren »