C5 2.2 200 HDI DPF Questions

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C5 2.2 200 HDI DPF Questions

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I have a C5 X7 2012 2.2 200 HDI (~200.000 miles), the DPF on DiagBox shows 100% clog but the differential pressure is normal, ~4mbar at idle and ~90mbar at ~3000 rpm, the car doesn't have any black smoke, gases are coming out of the exhaust fairly easily, I didn't have any errors in the past 2000 miles that I've done since I bought the car. It is possible that my DPF is not clogged ? Also, I want to remove the DPF at home to check it visually and if needed send it to cleaning, if I do that I will disconnect the battery and leave the car without battery and DPF for 3-4 days, will I get errors when I refit the DPF?
Additional information: Average distance between regenerations is ~270 km and additive level left ~500 ml. All this informations are from a previous diagnostic from a month ago, if needed I can try to provide new information from diagbox.

Thank you!