A rare "Well done!" to Euro Car Parts

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A rare "Well done!" to Euro Car Parts

Post by Paul-R »

I did an oil and filter change on our Peugeot 308 last week. I already had the oil so just the filter was needed. The 308 is Euro 6 so the filter housing has a special thicker sealing ring compared to the Euro 5 models although the filter is the same. I was quite prepared to re-use the old sealing ring but surprise, surprise, there was a correct green ring in the box. The filter was a Mann one so no complaints there either.
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Re: A rare "Well done!" to Euro Car Parts

Post by myglaren »

Not all their stuff is crap.
I have had things from them that were perfectly satisfactory, but it was just things like LDS, bulbs, screenwash and the like.
I did buy a radiator fan for the C5 that was offered at a 70% discount. Was completely wrong. No trouble exchanging it and they are only three miles away. The replacement barely fit either but was bodgeable to make it fit.
I wouldn't use them for anything critical - clutches, starters, alternators and batteries along with similar expensive and awkward to fit, remove and replace items.