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Post by timwarner »


Back to having a French car in the family after many years.

Back around 2007 when my daughter was 2 or 3 years old we brought a brand new C4GP but then part exchanged it for a VW Eos in 2010.

Then last week my daughter brought her first car, a 2008 C4GP with Yellowstone leather and Krakatoa alloys.

She is very happy with her purchase and apart from a few little issues so far so good.

I'm looking forward to learning about the diagnostics and also hopefully finding out about resolving the few items on the to do list.

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Re: Hello

Post by mickthemaverick »

Hi Tim and :welc: to the FCF
Nice looking car there for your daughter. I have a C4 Picasso on my maintenance fleet as well as a newly aquired Xsara Picasso by another friend. You will find all the help and advice you could want, and some you won't :-D , on here. The forum has a lot to offer so have a good look round from the board index above. There is education, information, entertainment and amusement all living in their different places so join in whatever takes your fancy!! :)