2.0HDI underpowered

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2.0HDI underpowered

Post by brookesmk4 »

2009 C4 grand picasso 2.0 HDI 137

recently purchased my picasso and it feels underpowered to what i feel it should be. theres is absolutely no turbo and i seem to be getting black soot all up the boot. i will be scanning the car for faults soon but any ideas?
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Re: 2.0HDI underpowered

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Well the black soot may be indicative of some interference of the emissions systems by a dodgy garage or previous owner. A DPF should catch all the black soot / particulate matter, so none should be coming out the back.

I would look for some evidence of tampering to make sure somebody has not gutted / removed the DPF in which case you will have been landed with a lemon. If you bought it from a garage - take it back straight away before you start doing anything to it.