Xantia doseur valve internal leak

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Xantia doseur valve internal leak

Post by Aref »

Hello everyone.
I'm new to this forum from Iran. Sorry for my poor English.
I searched topics but couldn't find anything about doseur valve internal leak issue. I guess no one mentioned it before.
Here in Iran, most Xantias have issue with doseur valve. The problem is that somehow hydraulic pressure in doseur valve manages to find a way to return lines. So because of pressure wasting, hydraulic regulator has to do more ticks to maintaining pressure. Changing accumulator sphere doesn't help and regulator keeps ticking fast. Is there any solution for doseur internal leak issue? Here in Iran, a new doseur costs very expensive and they're not genuine OEM pats. Most of the time you can only find fake doseur valve made by Chinese. So I prefer to find a way to fix the original broken valve.

I appreciate your help with this problem.