Tried a DIY on my Peugeot 508...

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Tried a DIY on my Peugeot 508...

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Hi! I have a Peugeot 508 SW I (2015) model where I have tried to hard wire a USB C charging cable for my dash cam to a fuse and after that I have kinda messed my car up......
Now am getting all kinds of errors and fault codes, it started with faulty trailer connection and then moved on to faulty Pressure monitor sensor. Am also having trouble turning my car off when am sitting in my car and have to place the key in the key reading "pocket" (keyless). Am kinda suspecting (and hoping!) a blown fuse but not sure where to start.. Have checked the fuses I tried but they are good.

First I was using a fuse adapter and installed my USB cable to the fuse on the left of F8 (3A - F27), then I moved it to the fuse with the arrow (5A - F34) as I was sure it was that one that messed things up. Even after I have unplugged my battery and uninstalled the adapter am still getting all kinds of error. Does anyone have some tips for me so I dont have to go to my dealer and pay 150 euros just for diagnostic?

Am suspecting it has something to do with the permanent power (BAT+ / CPC+) supply as It looks like the BSI isn't able to stay alive after I turn my car off, I have installed thermoconnect (turning off and on the webasto heater with my phone) and it only work when I have unlocked the car / started it and before my failure it was on/powered all the time. (Its connected straight into the BSI / EH2 for power). I have checked the BPGA and it looks okey and giving out power, havent yet been able to take a closer look at the BSI itself

Diagbox fault scan:

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Re: Tried a DIY on my Peugeot 508...

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Check all the fuses not just the ones you were working on. Remember under bonnet ones too.