DS4 problem

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DS4 problem

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Hello there, sorry for disturbing you guys i have some problem that i'm not sure what it can be i'm very curious i have appointment for service on 23 to change timing belt and everything.
I went on a trip to change tires and rims it total 1000km ride and everything was fine, next morning my sister started up the car and it was working for 1sec and turned off, it happend twice, on third time it was working perfectly fine, after that i was worried and tried it myself but it started immediately, but the next day it happend again and i spoted that when u push pedal gas more maybe like it cuts out for 1sec and then continues, but this happend maybe 2-3 times, yesterday i was getting fuel and i was driving a lil bit faster than usual and boom orange engine light pop off, but even if there was this problem with starting car there was no light. So i'm wondering if u guys know what it could be and to be prepared for price. Thanks a lot