Turbo gone on ds5 2013 2 ltr diesel 🤦🏻‍♀️

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Turbo gone on ds5 2013 2 ltr diesel 🤦🏻‍♀️

Post by Sc0use »

Evening all. Yesterday morning coming home from work I noticed my revs was rather high. Anyways took it in to garage for a check and stated the turbo is knackered. There was no oil on the dipstick at all. Mad as I checked it a week again and all level, the notice on the dash states oil level correct. Iv had no smoke, no other issues. I recently got a new battery and had to clear faults with the computer and no faults was detected other than all the ones cleared due to battery change. The garage said they put around 3ltrs of oil in and it was still dry. The put on ramps (sorry I’m not a mechanic) but the took something off underneath and said around 1ltr of oil came out all over garage floor. Advised not to drive it at all. Garage was surprised iv got it to garage!!! Said it’s now running of its own oil in engine.
Good news is as Iv not had it that long, the garage I got from have took it back and will fix and cover all costs, even gave me another ds5 to drive round in until mines fixed. Said they should have my car for around a week.
Just wondering will this lead to other problems, or is it a straight forward fix. Iv heard the engine can be damaged once this goes. Hopefully as iv got it in as soon as I noticed the revs are high there’s been no real damage caused to engine. What could have actually caused it or is it one of them things.
Appreciate you taking time to read this. Really hope my car can be fixed and back on road all good again as I absolutely love the Ds5, maybe not when I hit a unexpected pot hole tho 🤣
Thanks guys
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Re: Turbo gone on ds5 2013 2 ltr diesel 🤦🏻‍♀️

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Hi. Is this a main Citroen / DS dealer you purchased it from and if so, is this with whom it is at present being repaired?

Unfortunately without any specific info, it will be impossible for us to hazard a guess as to what has happened, what the problem is or what they are doing. On the outset it does sound like oil starvation of some kind and that can lead to turbo destruction.

It may be prudent to find out what the issue was and what they have done at some point.
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