Ds5 no radio sat nave etc

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Ds5 no radio sat nave etc

Post by Macca777 »

New to forum so bear with me please.
I have a 2013 Ds5 sport. The radio sat nav CD etc have all stopped working.
Basically everything connected to the centre console.
I ran a diagnostic and it came up saying no codes to report or pending.
Could this just be down to blown fuse (fuses)??
If so could any one point me to which fuse?
It looks a nightmare to reach any of them
Especially with clumsybighands
Any help much appreciated
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Re: Ds5 no radio sat nave etc

Post by Sc0use »

Hi there I’m new to this forum too so I may be complete wrong and definitely not as wisely as some of the folks on here but I had exactly the same problem. Sometimes my screen would stay completely blank, others it would be stuck on the Citroen logo. Mine turned out to be the battery. It completely died on my a week or so after the display did this, couldn’t even get the car started. It’s a 2013 plate and it was the original battery so well past a replacement. Brand new battery replaced and no issues again with the screen, radio etc.
hope you get it sorted out mate
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Re: Ds5 no radio sat nave etc

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Glovebox fuses:

F6 A or B 15 Amp
F28 A or B 15 Amp

The above according to options / equipment
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