C5 X7 uneven rear pad / disc wear

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C5 X7 uneven rear pad / disc wear

Post by onthecut »

Here's hoping someone has an answer.

We have a couple of C5 X7 in the family, fitted electric handbrake. On both of them, the pads wear at a very perceptible angle. Have just fitted new pads and discs and it is very evident that the pad is only acting, with any consequence, on barely half the disc. See photo

At previous MOTs, the handbrake has been extremely marginal and is no better with the new pads and discs. It's very frustrating, as my C6 has a slightly different setup and absolutely even pad / disc wear.

Any thoughts most welcome.

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Re: C5 X7 uneven rear pad / disc wear

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Brand of discs and pads is the first thing that comes to mind. I never had an issue with my X7 and always used Citroen pads and discs.

The next thing would be to ask when was the last time the brake fluid was replaced - and were both the primary and secondary circuits bled correctly?