C5 front window wiper motors

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C5 front window wiper motors

Post by Dave180 »

Hi all, I have a 2008 c5 tourer exclusive and the front wiper motors have stopped working, got them out to try and work out which one is faulty but struggling as there is no visible corrosion signs on either and both electrical boards appear undamaged. Anyone have any advice about determining which has the problem? Also anyone got any good part suppliers, as struggling to find motors in stock.

Cheers Dave
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Re: C5 front window wiper motors

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Hi Dave

You'll only find that out with a diagnostic - preferably with Diagbox. The motors and their ECUs operate under a master / slave system. Because of this, you won't know which one is faulty without a diagnostic, as it could be the slave wiper in backup mode because of a fault with the master ECO on the other wiper or vice versa.

Water ingress is the usual suspect with these. I had one of mine replaced under extended warranty (can't remember which one now - as both were erratic, but only one was faulty. My dealer replaced it so I never knew which it was.