map showing I am in the middle of nowhere... until I zoom out.

This unit is the MyWay system, also referred to as RNEG, made by Harman Becker.
Main Features: Also referred to as RNEG, the MyWay colour satellite navigation system, has SD card, integrated European mapping, live trafic information, voice guidance and graphics in 2D or aerial perspective & it features a Bluetooth® system (Bluetooth phone compatibility only - no Bluetooth Audio Streaming).

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map showing I am in the middle of nowhere... until I zoom out.

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Hi everyone, so I noticed something funny with my RNEG navigation unit:

- The map sometimes shows basically nothing (no roads, just green landscape): As if I were in the middle of nowhere
- At the same time, the navigation remains functional and the driving instructions (ex. turn right in 800m) still work and are correctly displayed
- If I zoom out to about 200m or 500m (it's different every time) then everything is displayed correctly.

I am not using the official maps anymore, instead I put in a SD card with the widely available BMW maps, so this is the main culprit of course. However, the issue is not consistent. Sometimes it happens, then if I drive to the same location a few days later there is no problem.

Which is why I wanted to ask if this is a known issue with the RNEG unit before I start experimenting with different versions of the BMW maps...

Thank you!
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Re: map showing I am in the middle of nowhere... until I zoom out.

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Not that I'm aware of and likely to be another subtle issue with non-official map use. You may want to make a note of the exact location coordinates where this is happening, then revert back to the last official map update (2016-2) for this system and then go back to the exact location and test it again to see if you can replicate the issue. If it works correctly then I think you have your answer.

Also, make sure you have not got the 'Synchronise time with GPS’ option selected - this can play havoc with positioning since the April 2019 GPS N Week Rollover Issue.

How many satellites are visible?

If there are very few then you may have an aerial issue, which you can test with a cheap GPS aerial plugged into the back of the head unit, then drive around for at least 10 minutes to allow the locking on of satellites (sitting still won't work - you must dive the car). If the number of satellites improves significantly, you may need to replace the aerial or check the connections.