2.0i 16v Tuning?

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Nick Kaarslev
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2.0i 16v Tuning?

Post by Nick Kaarslev »

i got the 132hp version, allmost same engine code as the VTS, what can i do to get my power to around the same as the VTS or more?
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Re: 2.0i 16v Tuning?

Post by Gregor »

Not much since it's not turbo. You will put in a lot of $$$ and get a few HP which are not even noticeable. the difference in acceleration is 0.4 s to 100 km/h and top speed of 10 km/h between 100kW (RFN engine) and 120 kW engine in "real VTS". Consumption of fuel is more than 1 l per 100km higher on "VTS" and service intervals are shorter. + You must use special Citroen oil which is very cheap! :) If you want to go faster, make changes on suspension, steering wheel parts and gear shift mechanism to provide you better handling and faster shifting and be happy with the 100kw engine. If you know how to drive it, it can be very fast in corners.