Ds5 2013 battery

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Ds5 2013 battery

Post by Sc0use »

Afternoon folks.
Had my ds5 2013 for a month now and so far no problems. Love the car. I can fit all my fishing gear so no issues there =P~
Until last night when being already later for work I hopes in my lil french whip to find the battery completely dead. Wouldn’t start, nothing. Tryed a jump still nothing. RAC came out this morning and couldn’t start with normal kit they use then he attempted with a bigger jump start and all was good. I let it run for a while to at least give me little charge. It was 8am and Halfords for new battery don’t open till 10am so keeping it running wasn’t option. Anyways cut my rambling out it’s flat as a witches t.. again. Booked someone coming tomorrow to fit new battery at home.
The faults, I have engine faults, gear box faults, break faults all dancing away as they do on my display. Is this due to dead battery. Had a sim issue with Astra with a dead battery. Now the juicy part..no I can’t get in to the thing. I locked with fob when realised battery flat again, not I can’t get in it. The doors are locked, some lights are still lit on dash, the wing mirrors haven’t swung in as they normally do. Obv I need access to pop bonnet tmz for them to replace battery. The little key in the fob, Iv tryed that and that don’t seem to open it manually either.
Any suggestions, or shall I just leave it down to the battery guy who’s coming tomorrow as I’m sure he’s seen it before. Help..before I put it in the bin 🤣

Thanks in advance
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Re: Ds5 2013 battery

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Just use the key to open the door. The emergency key is located inside the fob. It pulls out: Move the latch (1) across whilst you pull the key (2) out.
Then turn towards the FRONT of the vehicle to UNLOCK.
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