Citroen C5 X7 - Gearbox linkages ajustment

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Citroen C5 X7 - Gearbox linkages ajustment

Post by cedrichn »

Good evening,

I am enjoying the weekend under the car, trying to change the cluth on a C5 2.0i petrol with (only) 101 00miles :)

When trying to disconnect the cables from the fork, I "played" with the adjuster which is mounted on spring. I am concerned I might have messed up the cable adjustment... After some research, it looks like I might need a "special tool" (9769JC) to re-adjust the cables by locking the gear lever in neutral (not the same car, but the procedure is the same I think): ... ayage2.pdf

Do you guys knows something about this? Can I just ask my other half to hold the gear lever in neutral? Or would you have dimensions of the tool, so I can pay some beers to one friend with a lathe ? I also found the part for £30 on internet using the reference, maybe I should just go for it..