Hi help please 3008 hybrid 2012 plate

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Hi help please 3008 hybrid 2012 plate

Post by stormienam »

Hi everyone, I’m new here and was hoping someone could help me please if possible.

I love my 3008 hybrid but it’s just been in for a bumper fix but while in the battery died.

They removed and recharged the battery but it’s now come back to me with
And the red(!) is flashing.

No speedo no mileage and although all dash lights on the indicators lights etc do show flashing on dash when used.

I can only assume they didn’t do the 3 minute rule reconnecting the battery thing.

I’ve tried the BSI thing but as it’s a hybrid I don’t think it’s working because of the traction battery.

Does anyone know a different way the bsi is done on a hybrid?

Is there a way of doing via a obd reader

Thanks everyone for your time and really appreciate any and all help
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Re: Hi help please 3008 hybrid 2012 plate

Post by Dormouse »

Hi and welcome to FCF. Our Hybrid4 doesn't like poor service battery voltage and there is a thread about it's problems. However, the Traction Battery has no effect on a BSI reset using the service 12v Battery. When I do a standard BSI reset (as per the guide in these threads on FCF) I open the driver's window and then leave the the whole car for 15mins. If you want to keep the bonnet open, fool the BSI by latching the bonnet catch "shut" and leave access to the service battery. NEVER let the service battery drop below 12.20v - EVER. At around 12.00v all sorts of problems manifest themselves within the preprogramed cycles in a lot of the ECUs - especially the Engine and Traction ECUs. When I do a reset, I a) make sure the service battery is fully charged and b) only go to "ign on" during the BSI procedure and don't go all the way to "Ready" (fully active). Any questions, just ask. Cheers.