Home insurance quotes

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Home insurance quotes

Post by Gibbo2286 »

Got my renewal notice from Direct Line this morning, as usual it's upped in price so I did the Confused search, best price is £15 less than DR but I always look at reviews and in particular the negative ones.
Best price offered was from Ageas, this is what the negative reviews say:

I think I'll give them a miss.
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Re: Home insurance quotes

Post by myglaren »

I should insure my house. I had a policy for <50 years, contents only as we were renting.
One claim when my eldest lad got hold of my wife's curling tongs and burned a hole in the carpet.

Cancelled when the house was bought with the intention of taking out a new one for house & contents.
May go through the bank, or LV as the car is insured through them. One day.
Won't be with Ageas though.