Citroen C8 Lexia error

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Citroen C8 Lexia error

Post by simulator »

Hi guys.

I am kind of new to citroens, always had Peugeots, but now I have a C8 2004 2.2hdi car.
When I plug my diagbox (lexia) on and try to do a full diagnosis (global test) it just throws a message on the screen. First of all it is asking for the VIN and rpo number, is that normal as with the Peugeot cars it always read it, and after that it launches the lexia but also asking me to turn on and off the ignition, plus on the bottom of the screen this message comes up : please connect the portable to the central diagnostic unit. Is there an other odb connector on my C8? Thanks for your help in advance.
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Re: Citroen C8 Lexia error

Post by GiveMeABreak »

No the same OBD Port is used on PSA vehicles - there is no different port.

There may be a fault with either the diagnostic port itself or your cable since you last used it - but if Using Diagbox, it will launch Lexia for you. The VIN should automatically be detected, you just supply the RPO.