308 T9 Diesel issue - P1199 and engine rattle on shut-off

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308 T9 Diesel issue - P1199 and engine rattle on shut-off

Post by mvmc101 »

Hi guys, new here and I appreciate any comments regarding this one.

Bought a 16 plate 308 T9 2L BlueHDI, accident damaged but only minor, missing a bumper and needed the radpack replacing. Also had damage to the oil solenoid which I had to replace.

I'm getting the code P1199(I know the description of the error but there's no engine light on, there's also half a tank of diesel in it) along with a really unhealthy shudder when the car is switched off. I've got some diagnostic data here, unsure of what the oil pressure should be but it's showing as 0.31 Bar which seems low. I've not got an engine warning light or anything like it on the dash. It's had a fresh oil and filter fitted as well, hasn't been run on the road since the oil change and it had the issues prior to the oil change.

There's also an unhealthy surging/chugging when you put your foot on the accelerator like it's struggling to get back into its normal rhythm once you disturb its idle.

Any ideas would be much appreciated

Oil pressure:

Engine speed ----- 752rpm
Oil pressure ----- 0.30bar
Opening cyclic ratio of the engine oil pressure regulation control ----- N/A
Oil pressure reference value ----- 2.29bar
Estimated rate of dilution of the engine oil ----- 3.25%
Estimated carbon content of the engine oil ----- 0%
Condition of the engine oil anti-dilution protection ----- Protection inactive
Distance remaining until next oil change ----- 20000km

Fuel pressure:

Frame 3/6:
Engine speed ----- 744rpm
Fuel pressure ----- 0.64bar
Fuel temperature ----- -170.50°C
Setting for the fuel rail pressure ----- 260bar
Fuel pressure measured in the high pressure rail ----- 126.40bar
Flow regulator OCR ----- 47.18%
Open Cycle Ratio of the low pressure fuel pump control ----- 12.35%
Water in diesel ----- Absence of water
Connection of the flow of the cylider 1 injector ----- 1.08
Connection of the flow of the cylider 2 injector ----- 0.99
Connection of the flow of the cylider 3 injector ----- 0.99
Connection of the flow of the cylider 4 injector ----- 0.94
Flow regulator current ----- 13.51A
Calculated injected flow ----- 8.40mg/str
Minimum fuel level ----- Minimum level not reached

Air intake:

Frame 3/5:
Engine speed ----- 746rpm
Engine coolant temperature ----- -264.10°C
Position of the mixer ----- 0%
Air metering valve position setting ----- N/A
Openning Cycle Ratio for the air mixer control ----- N/A
Atmospheric pressure ----- 1009mbar
Turbocharging position reference value ----- N/A
Turbocharging pressure measured ----- 0.98bar
Measured air flow ----- 515mg/str
Openning Cycle Ratio of the turbocharger control ----- 48.41%
Turbocharging pressure reference value ----- N/A
Air flow reference value ----- 523.30mg/str
Position indicator of the turbocharger ----- N/A
Air flow measured by the air flow sensor ----- 0kg/h
EGR valve position ----- 2.56%
EGR valve position instructions ----- 0%
Openning Cycle Ratio for the EGR valve control ----- 11.75%
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Re: 308 T9 Diesel issue - P1199 and engine rattle on shut-off

Post by xantia_v6 »

I have heard of strange running issues after a frontal impact due to the catalytic convertor being knocked and breaking up internally. P1199 does not appear to relate to this, but maybe worth considering.