205 coolant level sensor

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205 coolant level sensor

Post by jvwykes »

Hello all

A friend of mine has a 205 Mardi Gras 1.6 auto. The coolant level sensor has stopped working as the low level light is permanently on now. Does anyone know how this can be fixed, are these sensor available or repairable?


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Re: 205 coolant level sensor

Post by ozvtr »

Yes, you can get sensors from Ebay or Aliexpress but they are "Chinese knock off's".
You can get genuine from Peugeot or Citroen.
If you don't care about monitoring the coolant level you can just disconnect the sensor from the loom.
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Re: 205 coolant level sensor

Post by Oldpug »

Or just give it a good clean. It’s what? must be over 30 years old. I bet the float and tube is full of crap.