Peugeot 301 jerking 1.6vti

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Peugeot 301 jerking 1.6vti

Post by James1987 »

I would ask for advice because no pseudo mechanic knows what the problem could be. I have a car with 1.6 vti 115 km engine with 42 thousand km mileage. For some time now, I started to have some problem. Namely, right after starting when the engine is on "suction" and has 1100 rpm, when trying to start the car starts jerking, losing power (as if it was flooded). As soon as the revs drop to normal 900 rpm everything calms down. It also jerks when I accelerate on air conditioning, and for example, at a traffic circle when I am driving on 1 and let off the gas for a moment and then add more force, it hangs for about 2 seconds and does not respond. I have already replaced spark plugs, cleaned the throttle, run diagnostics on the computer and nothing. No misfire, probes and everything else seems to be working fine, but the problem is there. I'd be grateful for your help!
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Re: Peugeot 301 jerking 1.6vti

Post by GiveMeABreak »

You obviously have an air or fuelling issue. This sort of erratic behaviour will almost certainly bring up a fault code - which even if intermittent, will still be logged in memory.

You really need to use Diagbox to run your global diagnostic check, as other code readers may not be compatible or be able to interrogate the vehicle properly, which may be why you are not seeing any fault codes. If the code is still not being shown, then you can interrogate the log to see the stored faults. When you have the codes, put them up here with your VIN.