407 - blows cold air 20 mins into drive

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407 - blows cold air 20 mins into drive

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2007 407 2.0HDi with dual zone climate control.

Driver and passenger temp set to 24c.

For the first 15 minutes of driving or so, the car blows hot air. Then it will blow lukewarm/cold air until the car interior is only slightly warm and remain that way the rest of the trip.

Increasing the temp settings to 28c or MAX does not make a difference.

With the car on the drive and engine warm, I have changed temp settings for both sides from low to high, and the air temp from the outlets changes accordingly - no obvious sign of broken mix flaps.

During the 30 mins or so of it idling on the drive (had Lexia connected), there was no problem - interior of the car became roasting and uncomfortable set to 28c.

Haven’t come across anything like this before. Does anyone have any ideas or experience with this problem?

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Re: 407 - blows cold air 20 mins into drive

Post by moizeau »

No real idea but there is an internal temp sensor behind a small grill above the glove box, it has a fan and gets clogged. Maybe wrong.