Relay with P2002(7A) code

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Relay with P2002(7A) code

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I have a Relay that has sat idle for 6 months that has a problem after going back on the road. What makes it worse is I sold it to a mate so I am not popular LOL.

It drove fine for the first 500 miles and has now thrown a P2002(7A) for a DPF issue. The fault reappears at idle, clear it and restart and it is back in seconds and limits RPM to 1800.

The pressure differential reads 0.475v at idle and 0.670v at 1800 rpm. From what I have read this is reasonable. The DPF reports only 5% soot but interestingly it says the distance between the last 2 regens only 104km and it drove more than that on its last 120 mile run and didn't stop for more than a few minutes at lights. Maybe it did try to regen twice on that last journey but with just 5% soot why would it?

The only other anomaly I can see on the data is that it is reporting 0 grams as the flow rate through the DPF.

Clearly the DPF/sensors are not happy but the live data does not suggest a blockage with the pressure differential numbers. Any ideas?