3008 Hybrid4 12v Battery Issue

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3008 Hybrid4 12v Battery Issue

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Hi again. After waxing lyrical about the battery management meter I fitted to check our onboard 12v condition and how we have not had any problems lately, I haven't been driving the car much at all but my wife has. All of her journeys have been very short, local ones going from shop to shop (christmas shopping!!!!!) and this fault came up and flashed A Red Repair Warning at her.


Look at the battery voltage recorded in the report - 12.04 v!

She has been driving in rain and poor weather a lot and has had the heating, AC, wipers, radio, etc going so no surprise the battery was staying low. There were a couple of other things like P15B3 came up and the running (charging) voltage shows about 14.4 v in those reports, so charging is working but the battery is not getting enough time to charge with the short runs

I am now going to make a point of using our trickle charger regularly over the winter to avoid this low battery condition developing plus going out more regularly to check the battery condition meter. I doubt if we will be doing much long runs this side of New Year so checking the 12v battery is going to be a more regular thing from now on.
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