C4 Picasso 1.6hdi hesitation and stuttering

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C4 Picasso 1.6hdi hesitation and stuttering

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Does anybody know the outcome of this old thread?


I have exactly the same issues with the car as described and exactly the same diagbox data! I've changed the egr valve, MAF sensor, air doser, map sensor, turbo boost pressure sensor, injector seals, dpf fluid and cleaned dpf off the car! I've also dropped the oil and changed oil filter, fuel filter and air filter. All this has made no difference to the stuttering at low revs and also done nothing to the slight stumbling when setting off. The turbo copy position is always at 100% and the bypass butterfly solenoid valve always says value invalid. I'm at a loss now with this car, I've spent so many hours trying to sort it, I used to love the car and it was a cracking drive when the wife bought it a few years back. If anyone has any ideas what to try next It would be much appreciated!