Dispatch/Jumpy Central Locking

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Dispatch/Jumpy Central Locking

Post by Turbo »

I've a 2014 Dispatch van & while the central locking works perfectly with all doors closed ie I can lock the cabin & rear separately on the 3 button key but once a door is opened nothing will lock.

Being a van this is a problem. If I am carrying a long load with the rear doors open I cannot lock the cabin if I stop for fuel, etc. The same if I'm working from the back of the van & I want to lock the front for security. I'm also planning to use it for camping so I'd like to lock the cabin if I'm in the rear with a door open. (I have a bulkhead fitted)

I have Diagbox, is there anything in there that can be changed to allow the cabin to be locked with the rear open?

Thanks for your help.