Citroen Dispatch 2007 Lost key

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Citroen Dispatch 2007 Lost key

Post by ascentio12 »

I've managed to loose my only working key for my citroen dispatch, I still have another key which is just a single without a fob but it doesn't have a working transponder so the van won't start.

Any advice how best to get it sorted? I'm aware that the new key will need to be reprogrammed, and without a key to clone, it could be difficult.
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Re: Citroen Dispatch 2007 Lost key

Post by Gibbo2286 »

Look for a local travelling locksmith, they're getting pretty good at doing what you need, we have a guy trading as Jock the Lock down here who came out provided keys for a C5, cut and programmed them on his van.
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Re: Citroen Dispatch 2007 Lost key

Post by GiveMeABreak »

The spare key will have a transponder chip in it or it wouldn't serve any purpose. It should look like this:
dispatch key.PNG
dispatch key.PNG (30.25 KiB) Viewed 86 times
It is built into the plastic part of the handle. The only reason for it not to work is if the main key with the fob has ever been re-programmed and the spare key above was excluded from the pairing process at the same session, so would of been locked out.

Try putting the key in the ignition and only turning the ignition on (don't try to start it), leave it for a few seconds, then turn off the ignition and remove the key.

Then try starting with the key.

If it still won't start, then it's likely to be the first thing I mentioned - excluded from a previous programming session.

Citroen can supply you with a spare - you just need to get them your Customer Confidential Card (if you have it - usually in the handbook) proof of ID, proof of ownership like the V5 and something like a utility bill to confirm address and ID.
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Re: Citroen Dispatch 2007 Lost key

Post by wheeler »

What area of Scotland are you in?
You can get a pre cut key from Citroen (assuming the locks have never been changed on the van outside the dealer network). The key will still need to be programmed & the security pin code required. However using a mobile Auto Locksmith will likely be not only cheaper but quicker too.