C3 DV6C - Injector Failure

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C3 DV6C - Injector Failure

Post by sugarisbadforyou »

Injector 2 has failed on my DV6C (injectors 4, and later 1 were replaced a while back).

Can you get the part number? VF7**************[VIN obfuscated, can be read by forum staff]
They are Bosch piezo injectors. (Someone supplied and fitted injectors 4 and 1 - I will not be fitting this one but may buy it myself and get it fitted by someone I know who has done it before.)

Fault codes:
P0266 Cylinder 2. Resetting of injector outside the tolerance
P0271 Injector 4 control. Short-circuit between two wires
PO50B Starting monitoring. Starting time too long.
Car (it's a C3) is in limp mode - thought it remains very drivable, despite revs and power being limited. The power feels a bit like an underpowered non-turbo diesel from decades ago.

Gap Diesel Solutions are listed as permanently closed by Google, does anyone know of any other sources apart from Citroen?

Also, any thoughts on why the after-sales campaign applied to some of these engines and not others (mine is a very early one from 2010)?
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Re: C3 DV6C - Injector Failure

Post by RichardW »

Original part numbers were 1980 ER (New) 1980 ET (exchange) - they list as Continental however. These have been replaced by 98 024 486 80 and 16 085 183 80 respectively. Prices are £505.10 and £373.91 each. GULP!! Must be some cheaper options out there...