2003 C5 auto petrol estate detent pin 0000240778

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2003 C5 auto petrol estate detent pin 0000240778

Post by spiff »

Good evening Gentlemen from Mullion Cove Cornwall. : )

Our 2003 C5 auto petrol estate has been fine for ages.

Today the auto seleter lever would not move far from the park position.

The detent pin 0000240778 is broken.

I have the cover and so on off and the broken part out, so it is drivable : )

I had a good look round the web but could not locate a replacement.

Can any of you most knowledgeable gentlemen point me to an online supplier who has the part ?

Just one leg of the two that lock the detent pin in place has broken, at a push I think I could either repair it or make something that would do the job.

Thank you for your time.

God Bless Spiff
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