Expert - Confusing world of coolants

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Expert - Confusing world of coolants

Post by dave »

64 plate Peugeot Expert with a 2.0 HDi DPF aka the "big brown bus" the coolant is also a fetching brown colour !

nearly 7 yr old but only 62k

Using the reg no. Comma say this is the right coolant ... s/view/351

Ethylene glycol based antifreeze & coolant with OAT

what would be the equivalent stuff from Euro Car Parts I can see all the colours of the rainbow but can't work out which is the right stuff (their nearest to me)

the plan is to flush out & replace coolant & see if it goes "funny"
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Re: Expert - Confusing world of coolants

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Ignore the colours - they are irrelevant and have no meaning these days as you can get this stuff in all colours of the rainbow. You need to focus on the contents and make sure you do not mix incompatible types.

For commercial vehicles PSA tend to use this, but I certainly would not rely on or recommend ECP. Check with your dealer to be 100% and then you can source something with the correct approval / PSA standard. ... reecor-dsc
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Re: Expert - Confusing world of coolants

Post by white exec »

Good advice. Unless you really need long-life OAT (organic acid) type, I would avoid it, and stick with standard glycol type. Citroen/Peugeot have their own 'Pro' Coolant, which is decently priced and shows up leaks really well by leaving a visible trace. Ready to use; do not dilute.

Buy enough to fill, and for any subsequent topping up. As Marc says, don't mix types/colours/brands.