Citroen Nemo won't start but turns over

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Citroen Nemo won't start but turns over

Post by Vannman »

Thanks for adding me.
I have a strange issue with a Citroen Nemo 1.3 diesel, manual gearbox 2010 on a 60 plate.
The van has been starting and driving fine until 2 days ago when it will no longer start, EML is on and click flashes fast 🤷

So here is what happens.
Put the key in and all dash lights are fine, turn the key and dead (battery fine) as you will see.
Turn the key off and try again and most times it turns over tries to fire and dies, feels like an immobiliser fault, sometimes takes more turns before it tries to fire (suspect the ignition due to this issue)
Van scanned with Delphi software, it connected to all modules and all fine except for 2 codes
P0748 pressure solenoid A electrical (remember it's a manual gearbox)
P0512 starter request circuit
Faults were cleared no problem but as soon as I try to start they come back.

Here's what I have checked so far.
All fuses both under the bonnet and under the dash, all good, when the car wouldn't turn over I wiggled the key while still in the start position (sometimes turns over but still no start) hench suspect the ignition, unplugged ECU checked for water ingress, corrosion ect, it's spotles, checked wiring harness around the ignition and again perfect condition.

I read that some cars/vans may send a signal to the PVM from either the ignition or from the starter relay!!! As yet my searches for this wire have turned up nothing and not alot of conclusive fixes for these fault codes.

Any help is always appreciated
Cheers Simon
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Re: Citroen Nemo won't start but turns over

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Hi, and :welc: to the Forum. I personally cannot offer you any meaningful advise, other than to wait until somebody who knows vans can help.
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Re: Citroen Nemo won't start but turns over

Post by wheeler »

What do you mean by click flashes fast?
Also when you say "turn the key and dead" do you mean do you mean all the dash lights go out or just nothing from the starter motor?
First thing i would try is rule out an earth problem, if you have a set of jump leads try connecting one of them between a good clean metal part of the engine & the other end to the battery negative. With the other jump lead connect it from a good clean part of the chassis to the battery negative.
In the meantime if you are able to provide your Reg or VIN (you VIN will get auto masked so wont show on public view) this will enable me to look up a wiring diagram for the starter circuit to check out how its connected, from memory on this system the engine ECU does receive a starter signal.