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Post by ryan282 »

Hi all,
Ive just had to book my 2015 ds5 dsport 180 bluehdi into DS. for repair!

I have an issue where there is amonia smelling steam/smoke coming out of the exhaust.
I first noticed it about 2 weeks ago but there was no lights on the dash and it drove fine.
Next day and it drove fine.

Today i noticed the steam/smoke and the amonia smell again and i got a warning saying particulet filter could be damadged (or words to that effect).
The engine light and service light have stayed on this time.

i could also hear a pump under the car whiring every 5 to 10 seconds which id not heard before (can hear it usually when the car stops but just whirs once) but this time its very frequent.

Could this be an adblue issue and could it need a complete new adblue system.

I had the car serviced last week and he put his diagnisis computer on it.It had an error P20F6 DeNox system circuit:detection of leak.

I hope this post is clear lol
The car has only done 30k miles.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Re: adblue

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Yes, that noise is the Adblue pump - it usually does its stuff when the engine has stopped.

You may have a faulty urea injector and the urea is burning on the hot exhaust, hence the smell. You better get it checked out though otherwise you may be using substantially more fluid than normal. Fingers crossed it is a faulty injector that needs replacing.

If you are hearing the pump operate then that's a good sign. Just try to limit use until the car is booked in.
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Re: adblue

Post by ryan282 »

Thanks for the help,

i just hope DS dont tell me it needs a complete system when all it is possibly an injector lol

It must be pumping adblue into the exhaust as i can smell it and see it as steam so hopefully youre right.
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Re: adblue

Post by MacSlavko »

How it ended up?
I had the same, dreaded and so common urea system fault recently. Had to pay around 920€ for the whole new tank and urea injector as mine is older than 5 years and has more than 150.000 km mileage! Otherwise it would be at dealer's expense...
Hope you were more lucky than I was!

PS: the story isn't yet over as now I also have the NOx sensor fault!