Bsi reset

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Bsi reset

Post by Georgeoldfield83 »

Hi can I do the bsi reset by disconnecting the positive terminal as I can't reach the negative
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Re: Bsi reset

Post by wheeler »

Yes you can.
On many Citroen models its not possible to disconnect the negative terminal first anyway.
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Re: Bsi reset

Post by Paul-R »

The idea that you disconnect the negative rather than the positive is that it is safer that way in a conventional car.

With the negative disconnected accidentally shorting anything from the battery positive side wiring to the bodywork has no effect. With the positive disconnected (and the negative still connected) there's a chance of a big spark if you accidentally short out the positive terminal to the bodywork. Even worse (and more damaging) is if the sorting out is through an ECU or equally sensitive device.

But, as Wheeler says, on many cars (such as our 308) you can't reach the negative terminal without disconnecting the positive terminal first.