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Don't think I'm being thick, but I've got a 58 plate C5 estate. 2.0 hdi....... can anyone tell me what my suspension is? Does it have the spheres that my old xantia had? I thought they'd done away with that? Reason I ask is that when I tow my caravan with the citroen, it's very low compared to my old vectra...... someone asked if my suspension had a problem? I don't think it has but I've not had it long and this subject has come up because of the low back end when caravan is hooked up? Cheers
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Re: Suspension

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Pop your VIN up - the C5 X7 was the last vehicle to be made with Hydractive 3+ suspension. It was available with 2 systems depending on trim level. Either the Hydractive system or with standard struts and coil springs.

I'll be able to confirm what you have with the VIN, though if the car is not self-levelling then it is likely you have a non-hydractive system.