Xantia S2 Strut (mis)Alignment

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Xantia S2 Strut (mis)Alignment

Post by Zoolog »

Hi All,
Having replaced the lower ball joint ( by removing the hub and welding the removal tool onto the partially sheared ball joint :roll: ) I find that the strut seems out of alignment as shown below. The sunny picture shows the drop link lug, pointing out from the wheel arch. The shadow picture shows the other side of the car for comparison with the lug pointing in. I assume this 'sunny' 'pointing out' position is not correct .

In order to correct this am I right in thinking that I need to undo the lower pinch bolt to the hub to strut and the large strut top nut from the strut, then rotate the strut and then reattach both. Additionally the strut top rubber appears a little torn when viewed from below.

Also how do I know what the correct orientation of the strut should be.( I plan to get a refurbished strut top form Kingas. Model is 2.0hdi 110, exclusive.)

Many and grateful thanks in advance for any any advice or direction ,
sunny, incorrect
sunny, incorrect
shadow, correct
shadow, correct
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Re: Xantia S2 Strut (mis)Alignment

Post by white exec »

Someone here will be able to confirm the orientation of the strut.
You shouldn't have to undo the top bolt, as the strut casing will rotate on the internal rod/ram.

If the rubber is torn, get that sorted PDQ - you don't want a speared bonnet!!!
Do both sides at the same time.
Kingas (elastomer.eu) is the right place to go.
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Re: Xantia S2 Strut (mis)Alignment

Post by RichardW »

There should be a pip on the back of the strut which goes in the slot on the hub carrier.
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Re: Xantia S2 Strut (mis)Alignment

Post by thorter »

A long time since I worked on one of these, but I think I recall that the strut has a tangential groove for the clamping bolt in the hub carrier. The bolt will push through when the two are correctly aligned so that the strut becomes captive to the hub carrier even before the bolt is fully tightened.

It seems possible you have the strut sitting on top of the bolt and thus only partially engaged, and need to fix this before driving the car.