DS5 Exterior door chrome trim - Remove

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DS5 Exterior door chrome trim - Remove

Post by artois »


I am about to remove the chrome trim that is at the bottom of doors. (Think there might be some rust there....) Do anyone know if this trim piece is just clipped on? I think I just need to use plastic trim removal tool and unclip it, but are not sure. Have anyone done this?
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Re: DS5 Exterior door chrome trim - Remove

Post by GiveMeABreak »

If it's the lower embellisher / moulding trim strip at the bottom of the doors, these can be removed with trim removal tools - but the clips will likely snap in a lot of cases and will need to be replaced when refitting. I'm not sure what type of clips these have on them, but I suspect the new black or chrome trims come with new clips on them.
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