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Cactus Cover

Post by tontonjon »

Can anyone recommend a good quality, good value, well fitting car cover for the Cactus? There are several "medium" versions from various vendors, but if you have one I'd like to hear of your experience so that I know what to go for - or what to avoid!

I have to park under trees at work, and washing the car every night is getting a bit much!
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Re: Cactus Cover

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Citroen actually do one for the Cactus:
cactus cover.PNG
cactus cover.PNG (117.43 KiB) Viewed 19 times
It's sold as an internal cover as it's not waterproof - but I guess that wouldn't matter if it's just the bird turd you want to avoid. Machine washable

  • "Made-to-measure" vehicle protection cover for indoor parking, GREEN ANIS in colour featuring "CITROËN" and "CHEVRONS" in white on the windscreen.
  • Accessory which is not waterproof.
  • Material: 100% Polyester.
  • Colour: Green Anis
  • Size: 2.
  • Logo on windscreen.
  • Machine-washable at 30C°.
  • Comes with an integrated storage bag for the cover.
  • Supplied with fitting instructions.
  • Allow the vehicle to cool before covering it with the cover.
  • Made of high quality fabric, this tailored breathing cover will give your vehicle effective protection from dust.
  • Easy to compact and taking up little space, this cover folds easily into its storage bag.
  • Machine washable.
Available to order from Citroen parts.
Part Number: 1631815480
Price: £258.72 inc. VAT