Starter motor not turning,

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Starter motor not turning,

Post by Flanders »

Hi guys n girl's, quick question, unable to start my c4 Picasso 2007 1.6 desiel, starts fine if I connect live feed from the battery, fuses I can relate to the starter all seem OK, is there a relay that I could look for, I know off the 3 green box relays behind the fusebox one of these I had to replace to get my fan working,
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Re: Starter motor not turning,

Post by GiveMeABreak »

To be honest it really needs diagnosing, preferably with Lexia to see what the issues are. Then pop up any fault codes you get here.

If you don't have a Lexia kit yourself, take a look at the member list of owners with kits that may be able to help:

At the end of the list is a link to a Google Map, showing the members' geographic locations and details. Just use the Private Message or Email links on the member's profile to contact anyone suitable.

List of Lexia / Diagbox Owners with Kits Offering Help

Bear in mind, although we update the list as often as we can, not all members are active on the Forum all the time, so it may take a while for a reply - and please remember current lockdown restrictions may make this difficult at present.
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Re: Starter motor not turning,

Post by wheeler »

Auto or manual?
If auto are the brake lights working as they should & is it showing the gearbox in neutral or park?
Check all the fuses in the under bonnet fusebox. This fault is very often a blown fuse.