Intermittent electrical issue...

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Intermittent electrical issue...

Post by Diien »

Hi everyone,
I have a strange issue that has been happening ever since I bought my van a year go and I’ve taken it to an auto electrician and he is confused.

The car is a 2010 CITROEN BERLINGO 1.6 HDI

So basically while the car is on it will experience a strange issue where all of a sudden all 12v systems such as the cigarette outlet, radio, dash etc would turn off and on rapidly just the once. While this is happening the front window wiper would engage just once and 2 of the front lights (orange ones) would turn on and off.
Sometimes it will also show that the boot is open?

After all this happens I also noticed that the cruise control will no longer work.

I can’t narrow the problem down, it happens when the car is parked but on and while driving.
It seems to happen whether it’s cold or hot and doesn’t matter what I have plugged in or running at the time.

It’s super annoying as it will happen at least 4 times when driving for 30 mins. And the sound of the window wipers engaging in the middle of summer is terrible.
It also disconnects my Bluetooth and messes with my cruise control (doesn’t let me use it).

I do have an engine light but that is related to the EGR valve. (Anti pollution system faulty”
I also have a fault message showing on the centre console dash saying a fault with the cruise control..?

Has anybody come across this issue I would very much like to get it rectified
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Re: Intermittent electrical issue...

Post by GiveMeABreak »

It needs diagnosing with Diagbox to be honest - but in the absence of any fault codes, with the number of issues I would be looking at Engine Fuse Box, Battery condition and or battery terminal connections or Comms unit inside the steering wheel. But it really needs some diagnostic fault codes to help.

In one of my early C5s, I had loss of power all of a sudden of dash electrics - the lot. In my case it was the control module under the steering wheel that was the culprit and had it replaced with a new one. But that's not to say it will be the same in your case of course.