Factory level wiring and diagnostic info.

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Factory level wiring and diagnostic info.

Post by RafM »

2016 Berlingo Multispace Hdi 120 - 16500 miles

VIN VF7**************[VIN obfuscated, can be read by forum staff]

Hi, a new member to this forum and would welcome any advise.

Does anyone have access to factory level information on the electrical system or know where I can get it?

I have an on going adblue problem which I'm struggling to deal with.
Citroen failed to inform me about two recalls, adblue tank cap & cat inspection.

The UREA light started going on and off and finally the mileage countdown started, I did a bit of research and found out about the adblue pump issue. I contacted Citroen regarding a goodwill claim which they subsequently honoured to a degree. The cat was replaced free of charge, the dealer (EMG) said the adblue system is working but there is a break in the wiring to a plug on the front fuse box and no signal is getting to the pump/injector/whatever. They offered to replace the engine bay wiring loom and fuse box at an enormous cost, which I politely refused. I have since tested the various plugs & fuse connections, finding no breaks in continuity. I want to test the wiring more generally but could do with some more detailed schematics to understand how the various sensors, ECU etc are linked up showing how the adblue system functions as a whole. I know how the tank works as there is an excellent YouTube video here -

Maybe there is also a factory/dealer level diagnostic flow chart available?

Thanks if anyone can help, Raf.