Citroen c4 1.6 his,abs gearbox problem

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Citroen c4 1.6 his,abs gearbox problem

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I have a 2007 Citroen c4 grand Picasso 1.6hdi auto. I started getting the esp/asr and handbrake fault and now the abs and gearbox fault. I believe these are two different issues but I’m not sure.

The abs and gearbox fault started coming on and would kick me out of auto, only allowing me to use manual up to 3rd gear. If I turned off ignition and drive a little it would clear then come back. I checked all the abs sensors and the all seemed to be working (I’m getting similar voltage from all four) and checked the best I could at the wiring. I did take the front near side abs sensor off to wipe it then replaced. Now when I drive, the speedo is erratic, there is a grinding on the breaks and it’s not changing gears properly plus the original fault is still there. When it flicks out of auto the grinding disappears.

Anyone have any idea what I may have done to make it worse and possible cause of the abs/gearbox fault?

The hand break fault and esp/asr fault, I thought it may be the egr valve, I removed it and cleaned it but made no difference, could the egr valve need replacement?

Here are some of the fault codes

U0415 invalid data from abs control mod
P1457 (undefined)
P0409 egr sensor a circuit
P0490 egr control high
P1459 (undefined)
P1351 (undefined)

After I cleaned egr valve
Same except p0401 egr flow insufficient instead of p0490

Any help would be much appreciated